Quotations API

List quotations

Get a list of all outstanding quotations

Scope: Quotations

GET /quotations

Attribute Type Required Description
filter[status] string no Filter the results by status. Available options: issued, in_progress & all
sort string or array of strings no Sort the quotations by the given field or fields.
search string no Search by quote_number, description, part_number, customer_part_number or reference.
Example of response
        "quote_number": "BVF22-1234",
        "description": "Quotation description.",
        "part_number": "M1234A",
        "customer_part_number": "",
        "reference": "",
        "seller": "John Doe",
        "quote_date": "2022-01-01T23:00:00.000000Z",
        "due_date": "2022-01-01T23:00:00.000000Z",
        "desired_delivery_date": "2022-01-01T23:00:00.000000Z",
        "sales_status": {
            "status_code": "20",
            "description": "Calculation finished"
        "production_status": {
            "status_code": "20",
            "description": "Calculation finished"
        "latest_update": "2022-01-01T23:00:00.000000Z"