Repairs API

List repairs

Get a list of your repairs. Repairs are sorted in ascending order by the desired delivery date.

Scope: Repair Overview

GET /repairs

Attribute Type Required Description
sort string or array of strings no Sort the orders by the given field or fields.
Example of response
		"quote_number": "BVF21-0123",
		"sales_order_number": "BVR21-0123",
		"production_order_number": "BPR21-0123",
		"production_dossier": "BPD21-0123",
		"customer_quote_number": "",
		"customer_order_number": "",
		"part_number": "R0001",
		"customer_part_number": "",
		"revision": "001",
		"qty": 1000,
		"description": "Repair Description",
		"desired_delivery_date": "2021-01-01T12:30:00.000000Z",
		"delivered_qty": 0,
		"sales_status": {
			"status_code": "50",
			"description": "Order confirmed"
		"production_status": {
			"status_code": "60",
			"description": "Production side one"
		"latest_update": "2021-01-01T10:00:00.000000Z"