Stock API

List stock

Get a list of the stock available at Matas for your orders

Scope: Stock

GET /stock

Attribute Type Required Description
filter[type] string no Filter the results by type. Available options: components, boards, repair & tools
sort string or array of strings no Sort the stock by the given field or fields.
search string no Search by part_number, customer_part_number, vendor_part_number, manufacturer_part_number, manufacturer or description
Example of response
		"part_number": "12345678",
		"customer_part_number": "",
		"description": "Part description",
		"vendor_part_number": "123ABC",
		"manufacturer_part_number": "ABC123",
		"manufacturer": "MICRON",
		"inventory_qty": 100,
		"reserved_sales_qty": 0,
		"reserved_production_qty": 0,
		"free_qty": 100